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Saudi Arabia Fisheries Company's Red Sea Tiger Prawn at the red sea of Middle East is the first in the world using circular and round pond design for tiger prawn farming. During 1999, the company sent in two senior technical executives (Mr. Ali and Mr. Dheya) to STAC for participation of tiger prawn hatchery and grow-out farming course. For year 2001 August, the S.F.C management sent in another senior executive (Mr. Hassan) for STAC's Tiger Prawn and White Prawn aqua-farming course.


Saudi Fisheries Company Red Sea Shrimp Farm has taken the best aquaculture technology available and adapted it to suit the local conditions. Of prime importance to the company has been the development of systems to ensure the long-term sustainability of the farm site.


The total water surface area of the project exceeds 220 hectares of which more than 50% is dedicated to the treatment of incoming and outgoing seawater. After the growing period the seawater is treated to ensure that it is environmentally safe before it is returned to the Red Sea. There are 108 circular rearing pond each 10000 square meters in surface area with a depth of 2 meters. During the culture period he water in the pond is circulated to maintain ideal growing conditions. Water quality is constantly monitored at all stages of the growing cycle to ensure that there is no need to use chemicals in the production and ensure a truly top quality product for many years to come.


The Red Sea Shrimp Farm produces both Black Tiger Shrimp (P.monodon) and White Shrimp (P.indicus). These species are both native to the Red Sea and of commercial importance throughout the worlds. Annual production is currently in excess of 1250 tonnes. On site hatcheries produce all the shrimp larvae required by the farm. On site production facilities ensure the the product is handled quickly and efficiently and that only top quality product is 
marketed under the Saudi Fisheries brand name. 

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Many thanks to Mr. Hassan Ali Al Gazali and S.F.C management for supplying the photos to STAC so that we could construct web-page for S.F.C Red Sea Tiger Prawn Farming Project. 

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