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  Mr. Loi | Fresh Water Prawn Grow-out Farming at Seri Meranti, K.Pilah

Mr. Looi Yat Yew was a black-hoe tractor operator, doing earth works for housing development. He gave up his business due to economic slow down in Malaysia and with the help of his brother, he invested in fresh water aquafarming in Seri Meranti of Kuala Pilah. Since he had no knowledge in aquafarming business, his production was not in good result. He attended the STAC aquafarming course on July 2001. After the course completion, he restocked his ponds with freshwater prawn pLs. He started harvesting for sale from 15th of October. His pond performance has reached his target of 1000kg in 1 acre.

Mr. Looi had stocked one pond with climbing perch as a trial farming but the result was not good. He gave up this fish and put full effort in farming of fresh water prawn.

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