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Sepang Today Aquaculture Center For Continuing Education In Aquaculture

Mr. EW Khoo

Sepang Today Aquaculture Centre is the first and undoubtedly the premier private aquafarming human resources development and training school in Malaysia, besides being internationally recognized. The centre was built upon the commitment to serve the aquafarming industries for Malaysia and other parts of the world and has since successfully moved towards the direction. For the past few years, we have received news about the achievement and performance from STAC alumni's farms from Saudi Arabia Red Sea Tiger Prawn Farm, Seychelles Marketing Board Tiger Prawn Farm, Seahorse Corporation Tiger Prawn Farm and Central Cold Storage Kuching Tiger Prawn Farm at Sarawak, and many individual farms from Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

In the light of the world moving towards achieving self-sufficient on food production, the need for trained and skill human resources to uphold the development of the industries has grained importance. On that account STAC has taken the revolutionary step to set up a aquafarming technical training division that will bridge the industries and the school. Hence, the birth of the STAC for continuing education in aquaculture. The STAC offers continuing education opportunities which includes in house training programs as well as 10 day Grow-out Technical Transfer Certificate (Tiger Prawn, Indian Prawn, Sea-bass, Fresh-water Prawn and etc.) and 25day Hatchery Courses for organization and the public investors or aqua-farmers, being the premier and the only one private school of aquafarming education, the centre has reached out for the public at  large and offered the opportunity to further enhance and enrich their knowledge and skills in aquafarming. Hence the industries can now benefit from the resources and the expertise available at the STAC.

 Products Offered
Penaeus Monodon Spawner and PL15
  Sea-bass (Lates Calcarifer)
  Chinese Hairy Crab
  Australian Red-claw (Crayfish)
  American Bull Frog
  Soft Shell Turtle
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Consultancy & Services
  Feasibility study and financial analysis of aquaculture farm.
  Planning and design of hatchery and grow-out farm.
  In-house training for aquaculture operation.
  Liner pond design and technical transfer.
  Spawner and seed supply.
  Aquaculture instrument and chemical supply (pH meter, oxygen  
 meter, refractometer, microscope and pro-biotic)
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 Courses available
Mangrove crab (Scylla Serrata)
Chinese hairy crab
  Chinese soft shell turtle
  American bull frog
  Sea-bass or Siakap  (Lates Calcarifer)
  Tiger prawn / white prawn
  Fresh water prawn (Scampi: Udang Galah)
  Seawater tilapia
  Blue crab
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  Life Cycle - Tiger Prawn and Fresh-water Prawn
  Diseases - Fouling and YHV
  Aquafarming - Hairy Crab, Frog Farming and Tilapia
  Events  - Visitors and Others......

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