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    I've learned many important techniques from
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General Test Kit (Ammonia, pH, Soluble Iron, Salinity, Alkalinity)
 STA Ammonia Test Kit
 Test Quantity: 130 Tests
 Test Range: 0 to 8ppm (Seawater/Freshwater)

 Price: RM45.00 NOW: RM40.00
Free Shipping (Within Peninsular Malaysia)
pH Test Kit
 Test Quantity: 100 to 150 Tests
 Test Range: 3.5 to 10.0 (Seawater/Freshwater)

 Price: RM75.00 NOW: RM65.00
Free Shipping (Within Peninsular Malaysia)
 Ideal: 7.5 -8.9 (Seawater), 6.5-8.0 (Freshwater)

 Hanna Iron Test Kit - HI3834

 Test Quantity: 50 Tests
 Test Range: 0 to 2.5ppm (Seawater/Freshwater)

 Price: RM90.00 NOW: RM85.00
Free Shipping (Within Peninsular Malaysia)
 Ideal: <0.2ppm

 Alkalinity Test Kit

 Test Quantity: 120 Tests
 Test Range: 0 to 200ppm (Seawater/Freshwater)
 Test Method: Titration
 Price: RM130.00 NOW: RM120.00
Free Shipping (Within Peninsular Malaysia)
 Ideal: >100ppm (Seawater), >50ppm (Freshwater)
Refractometer (ATC) - Salinity

 Test Range: 1.0 ppt
 Test Range: 0 to 100ppt

 Price: RM400.00 NOW: RM300.00
Free Shipping (Within Peninsular Malaysia)
 1-Year Warranty (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Hanna DO Meter - HI 9147
 Test Range: 0.0 to 45.0ppm (Seawater/Freshwater)

 Price: RM1950.00 NOW: RM1900.00
Free Shipping (Within Peninsular Malaysia)

Polyester Filter Bag
 Size: Dia. 7" x 32 lgth c/w steel ring
 *1 Micron, 25 Micron, 50 Micron.

 Price: RM40.00 NOW: RM30.00
Free Shipping (Within Peninsular Malaysia)
 *Please choose your desired micron size

 Price: RM44.00 NOW: RM40.00 (RM0.20/unit)
Free Shipping (Within Peninsular Malaysia)

How to make a purchase
1. Choose your product
2. Order confirmation email. Sample
3. Choose your preferred payment: (Transfer & Bank-in)
   - Public Bank: 3-1477862-28
   - Sepang Today Aquaculture Centre
4. Payment Notification email. Sample
5. Acknowledgement of receipt. (By email)
6. Product/s will be received within 3 to 5 working days.

Tips on purchase
1. Actual products might be slight deviation as displayed.
2. Payments should be completed within 3 days (excluding
3. Please make sure you have submitted the payment
    notification email after the payment is made in order to
    proceed for the delivery.
4. Goods sold is not returnable.
5. Quality of products is ensured before delivery for maximum
    customer satisfaction.

Tips on delivery
1. Delivery Time Frame (Parcel, www.pos.com.my)
    Peninsular - 3 to 5 days
    Klang Valley - 3 days
    Sabah & Sarawak - 7 to 9 days

**For info, please contact: info@stac.com.my



 **Special price only valid for e-Purchase
 **Delivery 4 to 6 working days for IBG Transferred customers

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