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 Technical Breakthrough For Enhanced Consistent Production In Tiger Prawn 
 Farming In Asia

High Density Polyethylene: A Technical Breakthrough Enhanced Consistent Production And Assured Healthy Growth In Tiger Prawn Marine-Culture

Traditional Tiger Prawn farming in Malaysia and other parts of the world are practiced in earthen ponds in which outbreaks of diseases, contamination of acid-sulfate soil and inconsistent yields are very common.

A proven and tested High density Polyethylene Liner for application in earthen ponds of any soil types for aqua-farming has been innovated and patented by Today Aquaculture Centre with the commitment to serve the aquaculture industries in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Who's who uses Polyethylene Liner Technology in Tiger Prawn farming ?

P.T. Dipasena Citra Darmaja, Indonesia
A multimillion U.S. dollars Tiger Prawn farming project under Indonesia Government trans-migration scheme at Lampung, Sumatra.
The big scale Tiger Prawn farming project consists of 20,000 P.E. geomembrane Liner ponds with a total of 6,000 families In participation.

P.T. C.P. Aquaculture Indonesia
C.P. Aquaculture Indonesia multimillion dollars 3000 hectares Tiger Prawn farming project at Lampung, Sumantra, Indonesia.
The project uses geomembrane Liner ponds for enhancement of Consistent yields and quality products.

Song Cheng Sdn. Bhd, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia
200 numbers x 1 hectare HDPE liner pond

Seychelles Marketing Board-Indian Ocean near East Africa
120 numbers x 1 hectare PVC liner pond.

Vietnam STAC's Alumnus Tiger Prawn Farm
4 numbers x half hectare.

Brunei STAC's Alumnus Super Shrimp Farm
10 numbers x half hectare.

Selangor STAC's Alumnus LPP Batu Laut, Kuala Langat Tiger Prawn Farm
3 numbers x 0.3 hectare.


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