Mr. Teo examined Indicus prawn for breeding.

Inspecting gravid female.

Mr. Teo inspecting gravid female white
     prawn during training at STAC.

STAC trainees group photo with Mr.Teo during study tour.

Mr. Teo gave briefing to STAC trainees during
     study tour arranged by STAC.

Mr. Teo received course completion certificate at STAC campus.

Sea-bass hatchery at Gelang, Patah, Johor.

Mr. Teo's Indicus Prawn hatchery.

STAC trainees visited Mr.Teo's farm.

Harvesting sea-bass fries in progress.

Harvesting sea-bass fries in progress.

Mr. Steven Liu operated the biggest sea-
     bass hatchery in Gelang Patah of Johor.

Sea-bass is a very popular fish in Southeast Asia.