Aerial view of Mr. Liaw's farm.

Blue Claw male prawn.

a3.JPG (19753 bytes) Harvesting in progress.

Mr. Tom Arnold from California visited
     Mr. Liaw farm. 

Trainee from STAC did practical work at Mr. Liaw

a4.JPG (26278 bytes) Grading in progress.

Blue claw male prawn XXL.

Weighing prawn for sale.

Grading prawn for sale.

Size XXL prawn.

Loading live prawn for sale.

Loading live prawn for sale.

a51.JPG (22199 bytes) Orange claw male prawn.

Harvesting for sale.

Compete harvest by draining off  pond water. 

Selection and grading for sale.

STAC's trainee made use of Mr. Liaw for hand-on
     practical work.